North Atlantic High Level Airspace

North Atlantic High Level Airspace.

The airspace of the North Atlantic (NAT), which links Europe and North America, is the busiest oceanic airspace in the world. The main allocation of the NAT volume, between FL 285 and FL 420, is known as the NAT High Level Airspace (NAT HLA).

NAT HLA shown in this 3D representation.

NAT HLA is divided into six oceanic control areas Reykjavík, Bodø, Gander, Shanwick, New York and Santa Maria.

A close up look at Reykjavík Oceanic control area.

Every day several thousand aircraft fly across the North Atlantic. Aircraft separation and acceptable level of safety is ensured by the required standards of horizontal and vertical navigation performance.

A preview of an interactive 3D model showing the North Atlantic High Level Airspace.

Explore this interactive reference model of the North Atlantic High Level Airspace.

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