Latitude and longitude visualised

A 3D globe positioned on a desk.

Latitude and longitude are a pair of coordinates used for measuring and communicating positions directly on the Earth.

A preview of an interactive 3D model showing lines of latitude and longitude.

The first model illustrated here serves as a useful reference indicating 10° latitude and longitude intervals. The equator, prime meridian and antimeridian are also shown.

Latitude and longitude globe.

This second model demonstrates the angular measurement of latitude and longitude with the centre of the Earth as an origin.

A preview of an interactive 3D model showing a cross section of the Earth.

Latitudes measure an angle north and south from the equator (an angle or latitude of 30° is shown here), while longitudes are an angle from the prime meridian, measured east and west.

A close up view of latitude and longitude marked on a 3D globe.

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