Creating a copper wire coil

Twisted copper wire render.

A roll of twisted magnet wire created and rendered in Houdini.

Visualising UV's in the viewport.

Shown above is a behind the scenes look at a simple nodegraph setup, and below the resulting interactive 3D viewport view.

Houdini network nodegraph.

About this project

A model of a simple roll of twisted magnet wire was required for a larger electromagnet motor project. Houdini is an ideal tool for creating this kind of model and this nodegraph was produced quickly. Use of the updated Sweep node also meant that fewer nodes were required than in older versions of the application.

Sharing the model has enabled other 3D artists to kitbash the results into their own projects and it has proved a popular download on Sketchfab.

A preview of an interactive 3D model showing a copper wire coil.

View model in AR