Winter break learning

Found time to learn a few new things over the break. Some highlights:

  1. A deep dive into spiral bevel gears, using Fusion 360
  2. Catching up with changes to Blender 3.0
  3. Brush-up course on R25's UI tweaks

Officially ready for 2022 👊

A CAD modelled bevel gear, created in Fusion 360.

The above image shows a spiral bevel gear created using Autodesk's Fusion 360. The computer-aided design software is used across a huge range of industries such as automotive, aerospace and construction. Fusion is currently my go-to CAD tool.

A chocolate doughnut created in Blender 3.0.

This doughnut was rendered using Blender 3.0. The software has seen massive growth in recent years, helped by its low entry price and wide range of features. I am using it as my primary hard-surface modelling application right now.

A crab in a glass tank, created in Cinema 4D R25.

Although I have been using Cinema 4D for well over a decade I fell behind on recent interface changes and functionality. The brush-up course resulted in this cute crab in a fishbowl.