Unreal Engine 5: First look

After nearly two years of teasers and previews, Epic Games have finally released Unreal Engine 5. This massive update brings an entirely new set of technologies to creators. Headline features include Lumen, a realtime global illumination solution and Nanite, a virtualised geometry system.

These features allow authors to build much larger scenes, with higher quality assets and improved final rendering.

A walk around a virtual city in UE5.

After only a few days of experimentation, initial impressions are good. The 80GB set of free content that accompanies the launch provides a brilliant gateway for artists to quickly get up to speed. Layout and look development feedback is instant, and it is hard not to be pleased with dazzling visuals that require so little effort to put together.

With UE5 it is now faster and cheaper than ever to create high quality, cutting edge training resources.