Rendering USDZ models in Octane 2022.1

For the longest amount of time I've been looking for a fast way to render path-traced USDZ models. With the recently released OctaneRender (version 2022.1 XB1), I finally have an ideal solution.

It is now a one click process to import a .usdz model and its associated materials. Drop in a HDR dome light, plus shadow catcher, and I am ready to render a thumbnail image or turntable animation.

A demo of Octane's interactive viewport.

This demo took less than 30 seconds to set up, and nicely highlights the realtime interactivity of the viewport on an M1 mac. I can swap out the model for any other .usdz file and repeat the process.

Additionally, I often need to produce both light and dark mode images for thumbnail previews in iOS. Swap out the backplate for a lighter version and hey presto.

A USDZ model rendered with Octane 2022.

I could have done with something like this back in 2018 when Apple first announced support for the file format. A number of applications have made the process easier over time, but OctaneRender is the first that does exactly what I had in mind. Very fast, very easy to use.

Grab the standalone app from Otoy, download free the .usdz model I used here and try it for yourself.