Rendering natural, sculpted, raw clay

Render of a sculpted head, created using Greyscalegorilla's clay materials.

Truth be told, on an average day, I don't have much need to render models with a sculpted clay look. Yet, when Greyscalegorilla launched their tactile material library, the results were so remarkable I had to find an excuse to try them out.

The new library features four types of clay from children's moulding doh, to the more professional fine, rough and sculpting variants. I've only selected two models here, but I could have produced many more. Setup is effortless and every style I picked looked fabulous.

The marketing material pitches the collection as "materials that look so real, you can practically feel them" and I cannot disagree. Check out tactile materials on Greyscalegorilla's site for more details.

A creature maquette, rendered using the tactile material library.