Reflecting on a brilliant adventure

Sketchfab, the 3D distribution platform, sent over a lovely holiday card that made me feel a bit nostalgic about art and creativity this year, so I'm taking a moment to reflect.

An augmented reality holiday card from Sketchfab

When I began this journey a little over a year ago, my primary focus was to reach as many people as possible. One frustration I had working on a previous project was a limited ability to share 3D on places such as social media. We could spend months on a project only for a handful of people to ever benefit from the result.

With reach in mind, Sketchfab was one of the first online profiles I created. The site recently passed the 10 million user mark and has integrated with numerous 3rd-party teaching applications that can directly import content. If you'd like your 3D to be seen by the broadest range of people, Sketchfab is an essential place to be.

I have a deep interest in reimagining the learning experience and inspiring students. Virtual and augmented reality are fast becoming an integral component of modern STEM education. These immersive encounters allow students to be directly involved in situations that might otherwise be difficult, dangerous, or prohibitively expensive to try in person.

I aim to create models that are fun to explore and easy to understand, whether they're being used in an instructor led classroom environment or by curious individuals inspired to discover for themselves. Wide impact is also important to me because I strongly believe the world can benefit from sharing more data.

I have only just got going, but so far this adventure has been an outstanding success. Recently, on Sketchfab alone my shared assets passed 26,000 views, and excitingly there have been almost 1,000 downloads of my free models. Response and feedback have been just fantastic and it really has been an astonishing 12 months.

I could not be happier how things have worked out and hope to continue this three-dimensional odyssey for some time to come.

If you've viewed, liked, or downloaded any of my work this year, it has been very much appreciated. I'll close with one of my favourite animations to date. Here's to a marvellous 2023.

An animation showing how bevel gears interact.