CAT III runway approach lighting 💡

Precision Approach Path Indicators

Creating a physically plausible Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) light animation.

It is still early days. Currently I only have one light working, plus the horizon for reference. Getting the light temperature to change with the viewing angle took quite a while.

A physically plausible PAPI light animation.

PAPI lights are a visual aid that help pilots determine their descent angle towards the runway. PAPI runway lights consist of a group of up to four lights that are positioned along one or both sides of the runway.

CAT III approach lighting

The following video shows an initial look at CAT III runway approach lighting.

CAT III runway approach lighting animation.

Category III runway approach lighting consists of a series of high-intensity lights positioned along the approach path to the runway. They are designed to provide pilots with clear visual guidance, even in low visibility conditions.