An initial look at MetaHumans

This is Vivian, she is a H145 pilot, and a MetaHuman.

MetaHuman Vivian at the controls of an Airbus H145 helicopter.

Creating credible digital humans for training purposes is both time consuming and expensive. The team behind Quixel Megascans are aiming to bring the cost down with MetaHuman Creator.

I have been testing out the system within Unreal Engine 5 and I'm very impressed with the results. It is easy for a single artist to bring in an asset, set up a pose, and export a high quality render.

Looking into the cockpit of a H145 helicopter piloted by a digital human.

A vast array of configurable controls are provided, from general posing setup to minute adjustment of specific facial expressions. These first look images only scratch the surface of what is possible.

Looking at pilot Vivian, the MetaHuman at the controls of an Airbus helicopter.

The detail and realism of each human model is so good in fact, that the biggest issue I have is the low polygon model of the helicopter asset I'm seating Vivian within simply doesn't hold up in comparison.