Alnico bar magnet models

While working on some magnetic field visualisations for a STEM education project, I found myself in need of some high-quality 3D magnets. Modelled in Houdini and textured with Substance Painter, these two bar magnets came out nicely, so I've made them available for download in USDZ format.

Both models have been created in real-world scale and are ideal for educational use.

Cylindrical bar magnet

This first magnet is a simple rod magnet. It features a north pole (by convention painted red) and south pole (painted blue).


View cylindrical model in AR

Rectangular bar magnet

The second magnet is rectangular in shape and features a north pole painted in red and a south pole painted blue.


View rectangular model in AR

Each model is released under an Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence. Feel free to use them in your projects if they are useful.