Developing educational material with Cavalry

Much of my daily focus is spent creating and optimising content in three dimensions, but when the need arose to create new learning material in 2D, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to try out the vector animation app Cavalry.

If I was building a small number of animations, I might have picked an app like Fusion, Motion or even After Effects. But none of those tools are tailored to making a lot of learning content, very quickly. Cavalry on the other hand appears to be ideally suited to such a task.

The app's developers claim the tool has been designed to make animation smarter, easier, and faster to produce, and after using it this week, it's hard to disagree. Here is a straightforward animation, freshly built with Cavalry, to help illustrate phase difference between sine waves.

A visualisation of a 90 degree phase shift between two sine waves.

In this video 90° phase difference between two waves is visualised. When one waveform is delayed compared to a second, the waveforms are said to be out of phase. Phase difference is used to describe the difference in angle between two waves at different points in their motion.

Creating the animation was effortless. Scene setup, layout and composition were all logical to figure out. Anyone with experience using 2D animation software should immediately feel at home. The app has been optimised for Apple Silicon so it runs smoothly on M1 hardware too.

The starter version is free forever, but features such as simulated physics require a professional subscription. I am super-happy with the few days I've spent experimenting, excuse me while I go and play some more.